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Data providers

Model Organisation Coordination contact
Scientific contact
Production support TIGGE Panel nominee
1BoM (ammc)Bureau of Meteorology, Australia N/A
2CMA (babj)China Meteorological Administration, Beijing Yang Feifei
3CPTEC (sbsj)Centre for Weather Forecasting and Climate Studies, BrazilAlex de A. Fernandes
4ECCC (cwao)Environment and Climate Change Canada, CanadaBenoit Archambault
5ECMWF (ecmf)European Centre for  Medium-Range Weather, Reading, UKRichard Mladek
6JMA (rjtd)Japan Meteorological Agency, Tokyo

(H.Yamaguchi,  M.Ikegami)

Haruki Yamaguchi
7KMA (rksl)Korea Meteorological Administration, Seoul Juwon Kim
8Meteo-France (lfpw)Météo France, Toulouse

Philippe Arbogast

9MetOffice (egrr)Met Office, Exeter, UK  Simon Thompson
10NCEP (kwbc)

National Centres for Environmental Prediction, Washington, DC, USA

TIGGE contribution managed by NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), Asheville, NC, USA

 Dan Swank
11NCMRWF (dems)

National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting,

T. Arulalan