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When learning how to use ECF, you may open a window and run ecFlow in that window interactively. Notice that server still writes the log file (into ECF_LOG.)

ecFlow log server

The default behaviour of the GUI client is to access the output file directly (case 1 in Figure 7 2).
When this is not possible, e.g. when the GUI host cannot see the relevant file system, the ecFlow server is asked to request the output (case 2 in Figure 7 2). If the output file is large the ecFlow server will supply the last 10000 lines of the output. You can use the following command to get the relevant file associated with a given node:


This will output the file to standard output. This capability uses ecFlow server to get the file. The original file can be located in a directory that is visible to the ECFserver, but not to the client.
To view output from a server where the ecFlow server does not have access to the file systems we can use a log server (case 3 in Figure 7 2).