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  • save your current command under a new name; the name will be used in the Custom context sub-menu, and the names must be unique
  • edit existing saved commands
  • duplicate, remove and re-order saved commands
  • recall a saved command into the Command edit line to be modified and run

Running shell commands

This system can also be used to run and save arbitrary shell commands. To do this, simply replace 'ecflow_client' with 'sh', followed by the command and any arguments, for example:

Code Block
sh ls -l

The command will have as its working directory the directory from where ecFlowUI was started. Expressions <node_name> and <full_name> are substituted accordingly. Once the command has run, and output window will appear, from where you can see the stdout and stderr from the command, along with details of and output from the last 20 commands run this session (also available from Tools → Shell command output). This window can be prevented from popping up by using the options in Tools  →  Preferences →  Menus→  Shell commands.