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import ecflow
import sys
try: # Create the client ci = ecflow.Client("localhost", "4143") # Get the node tree suite definition as stored in the server # The definition is retrieved and stored on the variable 'ci' ci.sync_local() # access the definition retrieved from the server defs = ci.get_defs() if defs is None or len(defs) == 0 : print("The server has no suites") sys.exit(1) # get the tasks, *alternatively* could use defs.get_all_nodes() # to include suites, families and tasks. task_vec = defs.get_all_tasks() # iterate over tasks and print path and state for task in task_vec: print(task.get_abs_node_path() + " " + str(task.get_state()) ) except RuntimeError as e: print("Failed: " + str(e))