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The ECMWF GRIB-API is an application program interface accessible from C, FORTRAN and Python programs developed for encoding and decoding WMO FM-92 GRIB edition 1 and edition 2 messages.

See GRIB API Documentation for more information.

Convert grib1 to grib2

NOTE: ECMWF has changed the default GRIB decoding/encoding package on all ECMWF platforms from GRIB-API to ecCodes (starting from version 2.0.0).

No new features/functionality will be implemented in GRIB-API - new features for the handling of GRIBs will only be developed in ecCodes.

Nevertheless GRIB-API will be maintained and new releases made publicly available to support decoding of ECMWF model output.
In the coming months only major/critical bug fixes and support for new parameters will be provided.

Replacing GRIB-API with ecCodes is expected to be transparent for current GRIB-API users. In particular the "grib_" functions are included in the ecCodes library.

Users are strongly advised to start the migration process.

Please see GRIB-API migration for more specific information on minor changes between GRIB-API and ecCodes.


ECMWF plans to cease all development work on GRIB-API at the end of 2018. After this time no further changes will be made to GRIB-API.