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The Climate Data Store infrastructure aims to provide a "one stop shop" for users to discover and process the data and products that are provided through the distributed data repositories. The CDS also provides a comprehensive set of software (the CDS Toolbox) which enables users to develop custom-made applications. The applications will make use of the content of the CDS to analyse, monitor and predict the evolution of both climate drivers and impacts. To this end, the CDS includes a set of climate indicators tailored to sectoral applications, such as energy, water management, tourism, etc. – the Sectoral Information System (SIS) component of the Copernicus Climate Change Service  (C3S). The aim of the service is to accommodate the needs of a highly diverse set of users, including policy-makers, businesses and scientists.

C3S is developing the Toolbox with the help of B-Open solutions. B-Open develops software solutions for managing and publishing geospatial data using Open Source Software and Python. They are specialized in algorithm design and software development for EO and data-/workflow management.

The CDS Toolbox documentation provides a description of the Toolbox content. In addition, a first graphical user-friendly tour is presented when the user first connects to the CDS Toolbox editor.

It is also available the Toolbox forum and it is one of several set up by C3S user support, see: forum for the full list.

An article in the ECMWF Spring 2017 newsletter describes the CDS concept and infrastructure design in detail.