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To be able to login to ECMWF web sites without the need for a password or a token.

Step-by-step guide

Visit the following web site from your device, and log in using your username and ActivID hardware token passcode.

From there, choose the "Configure Web" button and follow the instructions to Install the profile (existing settings are updated).

If required for further information, please see the iPhone Welcome Leaflet under:


problem solving

  1. After installing the web certificate on Safari and Safari does not accept/recognise, please try the following:

go to:

you should be asked to authenticate with your certificate and Safari should accept the new web certificate



  1. If on a Mac laptop, use Safari for this to work properly.

  2. There have been reported problems using certificates in Safari. If you do encounter problems my recommendation is to try a different browser (e.g Firefox or Chrome) or use your token passcode.

    1. I had problems with Firefox, but Safari worked ok for me.

  3. I encountered the following problem with my iPhone/Safari, when I tried comes up presumably because I no longer have a valid certificate!? from my workstation, mailing the ecmwf-cert.mobileconfig file as an attachment to myself, opening the attachment on the iPhone did work