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At the moment the RMDCN is provided by OBS and is using MPLS as a network technology layer. Last year, following discussions with both ECMWF committees and the RMDCN community, it was decided that a possible ITT for the provision of the next generation RMDCN should be delayed for a few years, with the view of obtaining a better understanding of future requirements, in particular from the WMO Information System.

The next generation RMDCN will continue to be used for ECMWF dissemination, the GTS traffic, the IMTN traffic and will also support WIS traffic. EUMETSAT is also considering the use of a terrestrial network, such as the RMDCN, as part of their dissemination requirements following the launch of new satellites later in the 2010 decade.

Although all the requirements are not yet known, it is very likely that the bandwidth requirements will grow dramatically. At least from a bandwidth point of view, a seamless MPLS network covering all sites may not be the only option to consider.

Some potentially interesting technologies such as VPLS ( or Fibre based networks are or will soon be available.

We have therefore decided to organise a workshop at ECMWF. The workshop should help us in understanding the available technical solutions on the market and provide useful information about the performance of such solutions, their geographical coverage, the associated SLA, budgetary figures, etc.

During these two day we plan to have different network providers explaining their networking solutions and how these could benefit the RMDCN. We will also invite OBS to present their plans for the future of Wide Area Networking and plan to invite DANTE to present the GEANT network.

Please contact Remy Giraud (email: if you or someone else from your institute would like to participate to the workshop. If you require a named invitation for visa purposes please let us know and we will provide such a letter.

List of Participants

RMDCN: Present and FutureECMWFECMWF - Current and Future of the RMDCN.pdf
View on the marketThe Network CollectiveTheNetworkCollective - View on the Market.pdf
The future of the RMDCNOBSOBS - The Future of the RMDCN.pdf
RMDCN core over Fibre
VtesseVtesse - RMDCN workshop.pdf
VPLSThe Network Collective
RMDCN Wrap-upECMWFRMDCN - Wrap-up.pdf
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