The MACC NRT high resolution CO2 forecast (experiment fr65) was started on 2012-10-01 initialized from the lower resolution forecast fqew.  Main features are:

Changes introduced during production affecting the quality of the products

real dateexp datedescription of change
2012100520121001Start of high resolution NRT CO2 FC
2013011020130105Change in experiment lag: running in the afternoon (after DCDA analysis is complete) instead of morning (after completion of early delivery) and it runs one day behind in order to be able to use the GFAS fire emissions from the same day. Previously it run in real time but it had to get the fire emissions from the previous day.
2013011020130105Change of meteorogical analysis: use of the delayed mode analysis (DCDA) instead of the early delivery (DA).
2013020120130131Change host from c1a to c2a: same branch with some script modification to adapt CY38R1 (branch: paf_CY38R1_RELAX_MACC_FC_COUPLEDWITHCTESSEL_C2A). Note: results are not bit identical.

Flux updates

real date  expdatedescription of change

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