Version 4.2.1 of Emoslib was the first version which introduced full support for the new octahedral reduced Gaussian grid which ECMWF will use in its forecast system from Spring 2016 onwards. We were aware that this version had a suboptimal performance. This was addressed in the latest versions from 4.3.0 onwards by rewriting parts of the necessary code. Tests have shown that the performance has been greatly increased and accuracy improved, but causing values to change in some cases. We are happy that these changes are correct, but currently still evaluate them further. We will update this page when we finished our evaluation.

Therefore we ask users to test and evaluate Emoslib 4.3.x carefully before using it operationally and provide us with feedback when necessary at

From version 4.1.1 on, by default, Emoslib aborts execution on GRIBEX calls as its functionality is deprecated (this change of behaviour was introduced in internal version 4.1.0). As alternative, the package can be configured to avoid aborting, by configuring with:

cmake -DENABLE_GRIBEX_ABORT=OFF ... /path/to/libemos