The script will automatically set up and start your ecflow_server.

If you started an ecFlow manually then your server will start in a halted state.

In this case you you will have to “restart” your server before you can use it.

In a halted state the server will not schedule any tasks.



To check the status of the server, type the following at the unix prompt:

 ecflow_client --stats


Examine the output. If the ecflow_server is halted you would restart with:

ecflow_client --restart


Once the ecflow_server is running you have to start the suite by typing:

ecflow_client --begin=test



Restarting and beginning the suite can also be done with the Client Server API.
Modify your file and then run it.


If you had previously loaded the suite, then comment out the ci.load(..) statement


import ecflow
    print("Loading definition in 'test.def' into the server")
    ci = ecflow.Client()

    print("Restarting the server. This starts job scheduling")

    print("Begin the suite named 'test'")
except RuntimeError as e:
    print("Failed:", e)

What to do

  1. Restart the ecflow_server
  2. Begin the suite