Technical notes and papers produced after launch related to the ESA-ESRIN (Aeolus DISC) funded work at ECMWF:

DISC contract Technical NoteThe NWP impact of Aeolus Level-2B winds at ECMWF (v7.0, 9 August 2023)
Peer-reviewed paperThe impact of Aeolus wind retrievals on ECMWF global weather forecasts
ECMWF Technical MemorandumThe NWP impact of Aeolus Level-2B Winds at ECMWF
Conference proceedings paperDemonstrated Aeolus Benefits in Atmospheric Sciences

Technical reports/notes that were produced as part of ESA-ESTEC (pre-launch and Commissioning Phase) contract work that are relevant to the L2B/C processing are provided for download here:

Technical Note numberTitleBrief descriptionDownload
TN15.1Inventory of Aeolus Target Assimilation SystemsA questionnaire was sent to NWP users to determine their preferences for Aeolus winds

TN15.2Aeolus observational requirements and the measurement grouping algorithmThe updated L2Bp algorithm in response to user needs

TN15.3End-to-end testing of the continuous mode L2B processorAn assessment of the quality of L2B products derived from realistic simulations of Aeolus

TN8.3Aeolus Level-2B processing of A2D airborne campaign dataThe results from processing airborne campaign data with the L2Bp


Testing the behaviour of wind retrievals with new E2S simulation options

TN16Advanced monitoring of Aeolus windsThis report assesses the ability to monitor Aeolus winds using ECMWF NWP data and suggests various methods for doing so.

TN17.1Assessment of Level-2B wind errors resulting from realistic simulation of ISR/IRC/AUX_RB calibration chainThis report assesses the L2B HLOS wind systematic errors resulting from error processes that occur during calibration.

TN17.4CCN6 results: further Chain-of-Processors testing of L2B results and testing of the CCN6 L2B processor algorithm updates

TN18.7An assessment of Aeolus wind observations with the ECMWF model and preliminary Observing System ExperimentsThis assesses the Aeolus data during the Commissioning Phase of the mission and hence is not representative of what is being achieved with the second laser.

Seminar papers:

Prospects for wind lidar assimilation 2014
An Assessment of the expected quality of Aeolus
Level-2B Wind products
Jan 2017

Poster related to the above:

 Notes on using L2B HLOS winds:

Notes on HLOS wind observation operator