Please visit or create an Issue in our Issue Management System (JIRA) if you have any suggestions for improvements or have discovered a bug with any ECMWF software package.

Please note that ECMWF develops software for its own mission and has only very limited application support resources. ECMWF has agreed the following software support principles

When you enter a new bug please supply the following information:

  • Product and Version
    In which product/version did you find the bug? E.g., using ecCodes version 2.28.0

  • Platform (Operating System and architecture)
    Please select the platform and the OS version that your bug occurred on (This could be the output from "uname -a"). E.g., "OpenSUSE 11.3 (64bit) ..."

  • Short summary
    How would you describe the bug using around 10 words? A good summary should quickly and uniquely identify a bug. Explain the problem, not your suggested solution!

  • Detailed description

    Actual Results: What happened when you got the bug?

    Expected Results: What was supposed to happen?

    Additional Information: Add anything else you feel the developer needs to know e.g., The exact error message printed

  • Steps to reproduce:

    This is the most important part of the bug report! Ask yourself “How can a developer reproduce this bug on their own computer?”

    First reproduce the bug yourself several times. If it is not reproducible every time you can still enter a bug mentioning the intermittent nature of the bug. This is explained very well here.

    Attach any accompanying data

Always create a different JIRA issue for each problem. If more than one problem is reported in a single issue then it becomes difficult to track problems and solutions correctly

The higher the quality of the bug report, the higher the chance that it will get fixed!

Thank you (smile)