The EFAS products are presented in layers, which are sorted in different categories in the top menu bar:

, with

Flood summary

 Global Flood Monitoring (GFM)



Initial Conditions

Open animation precipitation window


Enable/disable notifications on map


Enable/disable feedback markers


Enable/disable Missed events on map       

To activate a layer, hover over the top menu bar, find your layer in one of the categories and press the grey toggle. Now your activated layer will appear in the layer menu on the right hand side, together with all the other activated layers.

Buttons of the layer menu explained:

  • The layer menu can be collapsed by clicking on the minus () and unfolded by clicking on plus ().
  • The latest forecast is loaded when the round clock symbol on the right of the date / time is green (). If this is orange (), an older forecast is shown. 
  • In the list, the order of layers displayed can be changed by clicking and dragging on the hand-symbol (). 
  • Layers can be kept in the list but switched off by moving the on/off button (orange is enabled (), grey is disabled ()). There is a main switch on top of the legend switching on/off all layers simultaneously.
  • Layers can be removed from the layer menu by clicking on the next to the infobutton () or disabled directly in the menu bar on the top. 
  • The infobutton () opens a layer's legend and further information in a new window.