The user of the EFAS IS has several options to customise the view. In the Map Viewer, there are options to add a custom WMS () or change background layers shown on the map (). Any selection of layers shown on the map can be saved or loaded as a user preset ().

The user furthermore can create widgets of the information shown in the Feature Info pop-up windows for any clickable layer (see example below).

Widget creation dialogue at the bottom of the Feature Info pop-up window.

Both the saved presets from the Map Viewer as well as any widget created from a Feature Info window can be shown on the personal Dashboard that is accessed via the button in the menu of the EFAS-IS () using the -button. The widgets can be freely arranged and resized.

The Preset widgets from the Map Viewer additionally can be edited (pan, zoom, change date) after unlocking (). The updated view in the widget can be saved to a new widget.