An EFAS Informal notification is issued when at least a 30 % probability of exceeding critical flood thresholds is forecasted in a river basin for which an EFAS partner exists but the forecasted event does not satisfy the rules of an EFAS Formal Flood Notification, e.g. regarding warning lead time or size of the river basin. An EFAS Informal Flood Notification can also be sent out if EFAS results are not conclusive, but one of the multiple forecasts indicates risk of severe flooding.

Be aware that the skill of informal notifications is not necessarily less than formal ones, especially if they are informal notifications due to their short lead time. In that case, the skill can actually be higher. 

The format of an EFAS Informal Flood Notification is similar to the one for Formal Flood Notifications. The only additional information is a comment explaining the reason(s) why it is an Informal Notification.

EFAS Formal Notification e-mail