In order to improve the quality of EFAS forecasts and notifications, partners are encouraged to provide feedback for forecasted events. The feedback enables the EFAS development team to verify case studies, validate skill scores and to assess the overall performance of the system. You can use the direct links to navigate to the different sections on how to provide feedback:

4.4.1 … on an EFAS flood notification

Feedback is collected on all types of EFAS notifications – Formal, Informal and Flash Flood. To provide feedback, the partner can click on the link in the EFAS Notification e-mail:

Link to feedback collection on EFAS website

To be able to provide feedback, you need to be logged in to the EFAS IS. The link is unique, meaning there is one link per sent notification and feedback should only be provided for the specific event.

The feedback form can be filled directly on the EFAS website and you should answer to the best of your knowledge. Please note, that it is also important to answer if there was no flood observed. The webinar on feedback collection provides detailed step-by-step instructions for the first-time user of the feedback form.

Should you have any question or feedback provision is not working properly, send a message to and EFAS team will contact you. 

4.4.2 … on a missed event

If a flood event has been observed, but EFAS has not issued a notification, may it be due to not reaching the threshold level or not capturing the event at all, the concerned partner is encouraged to leave feedback on this missed event. You can access the missed feedback form directly in the Map Viewer clicking on the drop symbol to the upper right (). This enables a cursor to be used for placing a needle on the map where the flood has been observed. A dialogue opens up automatically when clicking on the map, which can be filled with the details on this event, like the timing, the type of the flood and the observed return period. The webinar on missed events provides detailed step-by-step instructions for the first-time user.

4.4.3 … on the EFAS service in general

Annual survey

Besides the feedback that concerns the sent (or not sent) notifications, which is vital for the improvement of the quality of the forecasts, all partners can also leave more general feedback on the overall service through filling the annual survey that is sent out at the beginning of each year. The results of the annual survey are evaluated and followed up internally each year, and compared over the years. Findings from the annual survey are also used to make changes to the EFAS service, for example introducing new products if a need becomes obvious. 

As an EFAS partner, you will receive an e-mail containing the link to the survey at the beginning of the year.  

Reporting a bug

If the user detects a mistake or a suspected bug in one of the clickable layers in the EFAS Map Viewer, feedback on this issue can be provided by clicking the  -button in the upper right corner of the pop-up window. The button automatically opens an email editor with pre-filled sections where a more detailed description of the problem can be added in the text field as well.