If you have not been able to find the relevant documentation in the CEMS-Flood wiki pages, you can access further data support though ECMWF's Support Portal.

The Support Portal is the primary entry point for all users for all types of queries on ECMWF data, products, and services.

EFAS and GloFAS are operational systems so it is important we are made aware of any issues/errors in our system in a timely manner. If you suspect a problem or find any product/feature missing that you think should be present (and it is not listed in the EFAS Known Issues or GloFAS Known Issues pages), please let us know by reporting it through the ECMWF Support Portal.

How to log an issue in ECMWF Support Portal (For this example, we are experiencing missing forecasts on EFAS-IS mapviewer)

  • Navigate to the ECMWF Support Portal.

  • On the Support Portal Homepage, there is a search bar where you can search for relevant documentation relating to your issue. If you cannot find supporting documentation to solve your issue on your own, you can then log the issue and our support staff will help to find a solution. 

  • To create an issue on the Support Portal, choose the most relevant category for the problem you are experiencing. .

  • Click 'Charts and Data'. [ A ]

  • On the 'Charts and Data Support' page you can read through the list of relevant articles in our Knowledge Base to find a solution to your problem. There is also a search bar on this page to help you find a solution.


  • If you cannot find a solution, select a category icon to navigate to the next page. (For this example we chose: 'Problem accessing our products' [ B ] ).


  • On the 'Problem accessing our products support' page, you can check the 'Service Status' [ C ] of our charts and products. This page lists the status of ECMWF's products/services, highlighting our known issues and a description of how products/ services may be affected. (You can also read through the list of relevant articles in our Knowledge Base or use the search bar here to find a solution to your problem on this page).

  • If your issue is not listed here or in the 'Service Status' page, you need to create an issue with us. select a category icon to open a ticket with us. Please, login or register using an ecmwf account in order to contact us. (For this example we chose: 'Problem accessing our charts' [ C ] ). 


  • The final step is to fill out the form to log an issue with us [ D ].

    1. Use the words 'EFAS' or 'GloFAS' in the issue 'Title'.

    2. Click the 'CEMS' radio button under the heading 'Which service is your request related to?' (tags help us to find solutions quickly). 

    3. Fill the description box with the details of the issue you are experiencing (the more detail, the better).

    4. Add attachments as supporting evidence of your issue (optional).

    5. Specify the impact of your issue from the drop down menu (optional).

    6. Click 'Create'. Your issue is now logged with us and a member of our support staff will assist in finding a solution.


For support relating to the GFM products on EFAS and GloFAS, please contact: Dragana.Milinkovic@eodc.eu