This is a description of EFAS v4.1. For an overview of other EFAS releases, please see: EFAS versioning system


EFAS v4.1 is a change in the EFAS Flash Flood (ERIC) layer and general bug fixes.

Here is a a summary of the main changes:

  • New criteria for plotting ERIC reporting points. They are now:
    • Catchments of less than 2000km2 (same threshold as before)
    • 30% of the ensemble forecast a flood magnitude threshold greater or equal to the 5yr return period threshold (it was 10% only for EFAS v4.0)
  • Bugfix to the method to calculate the lead time in the ERIC reporting points
  • Generate a spatial index file (.qix) with the ERIC reporting points to speed up the visualisation of the layer on EFAS-IS

EFAS v4.1 Evaluation Results

Technical details

Release date2021-02-15 12UTC
In test suite

2021-02-12 12 UTC

EFAS internal release

Archiving of data


Reference climatology (for thresholds/ anomalies)1991-01-01 to 2017-12-31
EFAS Historical1991-01-01 to near present
Horizontal projectionETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area Coordinate Reference System (ETRS-LAEA)
Horizontal resolution5 x 5 km
Temporal resolution6-hourly for medium range-monthly products, 24-hourly for seasonal