The TAMIR products aim to forecast the potential areas which may be affected by riverine flash flooding (defined as rivers with an upstream drainage area <2000 km2 and a response time <24 hours) due to heavy rainfall.

The 1-arcmin spatial resolution products are generated every hour, at 1 hour time steps for the first 12 hours lead-time and 6 hour time steps thereafter out 120 hours lead time.

The products are generated based on a blending of hourly ensemble radar nowcast and ensemble NWP precipitation forecasts, these are accumulated on the river channel network and compared against climatological thresholds. The resulting data are overlaid onto exposure data which combines population and critical infrastructure to estimate where potential impacts may be greatest (Fig. 1).

More information about the TAMIR layers are available in this section of the wiki

Figure 1. Workflow to generate the TAMIR river flash flood forecast products.

Product name


(established over forecast horizon)


Forecasting horizon

TAMIR Impact Catchment Summaries
The 90th percentile over each sub-catchment of the maximum gridded flash flood impact level forecasted for four lead time aggregation windows (0-6h, 7-24h, 25-48h, 49-120h). Flash flood impact is based on flash flood hazard forecasts and exposure data. When a sub-catchment is clicked, a pop-up window displays further information about the potential exposure and the location of the forecasted event within the impact matrix. For further information, check the product page.Map0-120h
TAMIR Impact ForecastsAnimated hourly forecasts of flash flood impact levels over the river network for the next 6 hours, then 6-hourly forecasts until a leadtime of 120 hours. During each timestep each grid cell is shaded according to the combination of the flash flood hazard forecast at that timestep and static exposure data on an impact matrix. For further information check the product page.



TAMIR Total Precipitation 80th Percentile

Animated precipitation accumulations forecasted up to 120 hours ahead obtained by seamless blending of radar-based ensemble nowcasts and precipitation forecasts from the ECMWF ensemble. The displayed accumulations correspond to the 80th percentile of the ensemble forecast. For the first 6 hours of the forecast the timestep is 1 hour, thereafter the timestep is 6 hours, and is specified in a box above the animation time slider. For more detailed information, check the product page.




TAMIR Past 24-h Precipitation

This layer shows the 24 hour accumulated precipitation as estimated from gauge-adjusted OPERA radar composites from the pan-European OPERA radar rainfall network blended with short range precipitation forecasted by the ECMWF ensemble. This layer is generated at 00 and 12 UTC every day, the values refer to the total accumulated precipitation in the preceding 24 hours. For more detailed information, check the product page.MapPrevious 24-h

How to use the layers

It is possible to animate some of the TAMIR layers to show the forecast evolution through time. It is also possible to select any hourly TAMIR forecast product over the previous 5 days through a separate time selection window. Please consult this page for guidelines on how to load and use the layers

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