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WMS service interruptions due to ECMWF Web team sessions

The ECMWF Web team schedules sessions (service maintenance and update) on Wednesdays on a bi-weekly basis - this will affect access to the WMS service. 

We recommend WMS users to check the status of the ECMWF Computing Services  (upcoming planned sessions also listed).


A Web Map Service (WMS) is available through a server at ECMWF (http://eccharts.ecmwf.intto request dynamic maps over HTTP for a selection of CAMS Global and European air quality products.

GetCapabilities request

To get the selection of the available CAMS public layers please use the following syntax:

Accessing available CAMS Global air quality layers

The table shows the list of all the public CAMS Global air quality layers (last reviewed on 19-05-2021):

Black carbon aerosol optical depth at 550 nmdimensionlesscomposition_bbaod550
Carbon Dioxide at 850 hPakg kg-1


Carbon Dioxide at 500 hPakg kg-1


Carbon Dioxide at 300 hPakg kg-1


Carbon Dioxide at 50 hPakg kg-1composition_co2_50
Carbon Monoxide at upper levelkg kg-1

composition_co_upper level

Carbon Monoxide at 850 hPakg kg-1


Carbon Monoxide at 700 hPakg kg-1


Mole fractions of carbon monoxide at 700 hPa level illustrate long-range transport of pollutants.
Carbon Monoxide at 500 hPakg kg-1


Carbon Monoxide at 300 hPakg kg-1


Carbon Monoxide at 50 hPakg kg-1composition_co_50
Carbon Monoxide at surfacekg kg-1composition_co_surface
Fire radiative powerW m-2composition_fire
Dust aerosol optical depth at 550 nmdimensionless


Dust aerosol optical depth (AOD) at 550 nanometers is a measure of the amount of dust particles in the atmosphere which block sunlight by absorbing or by scattering light.
Formaldehyde at 850 hPakg kg-1


Formaldehyde at 500 hPakg kg-1


Formaldehyde at 300 hPakg kg-1


Formaldehyde at 50 hPakg kg-1composition_hcho_50
Formaldehyde  at surfacekg kg-1composition_hcho_surface
Methane at 850 hPakg kg-1


Methane at 500 hPakg kg-1


Methane at 300 hPakg kg-1


Methane at 50 hPakg kg-1composition_ch4_50
Nitrogen dioxide at 850 hPakg kg-1


Nitrogen dioxide at 500 hPakg kg-1


Nitrogen dioxide at 300 hPakg kg-1


Nitrogen dioxide at 50 hPakg kg-1composition_no2_50
Nitrogen dioxide at surfacekg kg-1composition_no2_surface
Particulate matter d < 10 µmkg m-3composition_pm10
Particulate matter d < 2.5 µmkg m-3composition_pm2p2
Ozone at 850 hPakg kg-1


Ozone at 500 hPakg kg-1


Ozone at 300 hPakg kg-1


Ozone at 50 hPakg kg-1composition_o3_50
Ozone at surfacekg kg-1composition_o3_surfaceMole fractions of ozone at the surface illustrate photochemical activity which drives much of tropospheric chemistry.
Sea salt aerosol optical depth at 550 nmdimensionlesscomposition_ssaod
Sulphate aerosol optical depth at 550 nmdimensionlesscomposition_suaod
Sulphur dioxide at 850 hPakg kg-1


Sulphur dioxide at 500 hPakg kg-1


Sulphur dioxide at 300 hPakg kg-1


Sulphur dioxide at 50 hPakg kg-1composition_so2_50
Sulphur dioxide at surfacekg kg-1composition_so2_surface
Total aerosol optical depth at 550 nmdimensionless


Aerosol optical depth (AOD) at 550 nanometers is a measure of the total amount of particles in the atmosphere (dust, smoke, pollution, sea salt) which block sunlight by absorbing or by scattering light
Total column Carbon Monoxidekg m-2composition_co_totalcolumn
Total column Formaldehyde kg m-2composition_hcho_totalcolumn
Total column Nitrogen dioxidekg m-2composition_no2_totalcolumn
Total column Ozonekg m-2composition_o3_totalcolumn
Total column Sulphur dioxidekg m-2composition_so2_totalcolumn
Total sky UV index forecast
Clear-sky UV index

Examples of requests

A sample request, to select of CAMS Global air quality layers, uses the following syntax:${layers},grid,foreground&styles=${styles}&width=${width}&bbox=-90,-180,90,180

Please check the table above for the right layers

If styles is not defined, the default one is used.

The width is defined as the number of pixel.

The convention for the geographical boundaries (bbox) is South, West, North, East.

Default style

Please find an example for a request of Total optical depth at 550 nm (composition_aod550) on the entire globe (-90,-180,90,180) with a default style:,grid,foreground&width=600&bbox=-90,-180,90,180

Please find an example for a request of Dust aerosol optical depth at 550 nm (composition_duaod550) over Europe (30,-10,70,40) with a default style:,grid,foreground&width=600&bbox=30,-10,70,40

sh_BuYlRd_aod style

Please find an example for a request of Total optical depth at 550 nm (composition_aod550) on the entire globe (-90,-180,90,180) with sh_BuYlRd_aod style,grid,foreground&styles=sh_BuYlRd_aod&width=600&bbox=-90,-180,90,180

Please find an example for a request of Dust aerosol optical depth at 550 nm (composition_duaod550) over Europe (30,-10,70,40) with sh_BuYlRd_aod style:,grid,foreground&styles=sh_BuYlRd_aod&width=600&bbox=30,-10,70,40

Accessing CAMS European air quality WMS products

From 1st July 2020, the access method to the European air quality WMS is through the server at ECMWF which hosts CAMS Service. Please be aware that: 

  • based on usage statistics initially only hourly ensemble surface forecast fields are available
  • to ease the migration, legacy layer names are encoded in a layer metadata of the GetCapabilities response as "legacy name: OLD_NAME" keyword.
  • the default styles and the style names are the same as before the migration

The following table lists the available CAMS European air quality layers and the corresponding legacy layer names (last reviewed on 21-01-2021):


legacy layer name

new layer name

Ammoniaµg m-3NH3__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_nh3_forecast_surface
Birch pollengrains m-3BIRCHPOLLEN__GROUND_OR_WATER_SURFACEcomposition_europe_pol_birch_forecast_surface
Carbon monoxideµg m-3CO__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_co_forecast_surface
Dustµg m-3DUST__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_dust_forecast_surface
Grass pollengrains m-3GRASSPOLLEN__GROUND_OR_WATER_SURFACEcomposition_europe_pol_grass_forecast_surface
Non-methane VOCsµg m-3NMVOC__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_nmvoc_forecast_surface
Nitrogen dioxideµg m-3NO2__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_no2_forecast_surface
Nitrogen monoxideµg m-3NO__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_no_forecast_surface
Olive pollengrains m-3OLIVEPOLLEN__GROUND_OR_WATER_SURFACEcomposition_europe_pol_olive_forecast_surface
Ozoneµg m-3O3__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_o3_forecast_surface
Particulate matter d < 2.5  µm (PM2.5)µg m-3PM25__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_pm2p5_forecast_surface
Particulate matter d < 10  µm (PM10)µg m-3PM10__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_pm10_forecast_surface
Particulate matter d < 2.5  µm (PM2.5), fossil fuel carbon onlyµg m-3EC_FF__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_ec_ff_forecast_surface
Particulate matter d < 2.5  µm (PM2.5), wood burning carbon onlyµg m-3EC_WB__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_ec_wb_forecast_surface
Particulate matter d < 10  µm (PM10), wildfires onlyµg m-3PM_WF_USI__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_pm_wf_forecast_surface
Peroxyacyl nitratesµg m-3PANS__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_pans_forecast_surface
Ragweed pollengrains m-3RAGWEED__GROUND_OR_WATER_SURFACEcomposition_europe_pol_ragw_forecast_surface
Secondary inorganic aerosolµg m-3SIA__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_sia_forecast_surface
Sulphur dioxideµg m-3SO2__SPECIFIC_HEIGHT_LEVEL_ABOVE_GROUNDcomposition_europe_so2_forecast_surface
Nitrogen dioxide (analysis, daily mean)µg m-3
Ozone (analysis, daily mean)µg m-3
Particulate matter d < 2.5  µm (PM2.5) (analysis, daily mean)µg m-3
Particulate matter d < 10  µm (PM10) (analysis, daily mean)µg m-3

Examples of request

A sample request, to select of CAMS Global air quality layers, uses the following syntax:${LAYERS}&FORMAT=image/png&REQUEST=GetMap&CRS=EPSG:4326&BBOX=${BBOX}&WIDTH=${WIDTH}&HEIGHT=${HEIGHT}

Please check the table above for the right layers.

The width and height are defined as the number of pixel.

The convention for the geographical boundaries (bbox) is South, West, North, East.

Please find an example for a request of Ammonia (composition_europe_nh3_forecast_surface) over Europe (30.05, -24.95, 71.95, 44.95) with a default style:,-24.95,71.95,44.95&WIDTH=810&HEIGHT=495


Please find the all CAMS Global and European air quality products galleries:

This document has been produced in the context of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS).

The activities leading to these results have been contracted by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, operator of CAMS on behalf of the European Union (Delegation Agreement signed on 11/11/2014 and Contribution Agreement signed on 22/07/2021). All information in this document is provided "as is" and no guarantee or warranty is given that the information is fit for any particular purpose.

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