ECaccess-v4.2.0 (April 2016)

  • change: major throughput improvements with upgrade to Java 8
  • feature: additional parameters to the ectrans modules
  • change: updated NX login page to support NX4
  • change: new ectrans sftp library (Jsch-0.1.53)
  • change: removed support for the unimars plugin
  • change: support for latest Web Browsers (e.g. Firefox)
  • change: distinct SSL configuration for the https plugin
  • change: ectrans ftp now support extended passive mode (EPSV)

ECaccess-v4.0.0/MR (Dec 2011)

  • change: update of the embedded Web Server (Jetty6)
  • change: by default don't log user events in the database
  • feature: ectrans sftp now support IPv6 addresses
  • bugfix: sftp now support directories with more than 100 entries
  • bugfix: mail notification on job submissions (Web Toolkit)
  • bugfix: added a missing library for the unimars plugin

ECaccess-v4.0.0 (Sep 2011)

  • feature: support for incoming sftp (part of the ssh plugin)
  • feature: allow exposing ECaccess Web Services (REST/JSON & SOAP/XML)
  • feature: additional parameters for the ectrans modules
  • feature: support for the ftp extended commands (EPSV & EPRT)
  • change: removed more libraries (available through JRE5 & JRE6)
  • change: improved thread management (new implementation)
  • change: updated NX clients for interactive login
  • change: improved socket connections to ECMWF
  • bugfix: removed confusing log messages

ECaccess-v3.3.1 (Oct 2009)

  • change: JSP pages are now pre-compiled (no more dependencies with JDK)
  • change: removed unused libraries (now available through JRE5 & JRE6)
  • change: removed support for SSHVNC (replaced by NX)
  • bugfix: in some case ssh sessions did not close properly
  • bugfix: fixed a database error concerning login history

ECaccess-v3.3.0/MR (Feb 2009)

  • change: update of the Web Server from Jetty5 to Jetty6
  • change: delay parameter in ecesend now support usual duration format (e.g. s,m,h,d,w)
  • bugfix: added a missing parameter in the repository.xml file
  • bugfix: extended the Data Area size in the DataBase (ectrans association)

ECaccess-v3.3.0 (Dec 2008)

  • feature: new ECHOST file system for direct ftp to ECMWF servers
  • feature: added retry mechanism for synchronous ectrans (get & put)
  • feature: additional parameters for the ectrans modules
  • feature: certificate duration can be displayed for each operation
  • feature: time-critical events can now be triggered remotely
  • feature: support for interactive login from the web (nx protocol)
  • feature: access to ECMWF internal workstations when required
  • feature: ectrans ftp now support DissFTP servers
  • feature: ectrans genericExec now accessible from ecpds
  • feature: support nagios for the monitoring of the Gateway
  • feature: support for private-key authentication with sftp module
  • change: faster ectrans sftp module (new implementation)
  • change: better timeouts management for connections to ECMWF
  • feature: support for Java1.6

ECaccess-v3.1.0 (Oct 2006)

  • feature: support for the time-critical application (option 1)
  • feature: support for the new ECMWF strong authentication system
  • feature: new ssh/vnc plugin (vnc through the web)
  • feature: new ectrans module (the ftps module)
  • feature: new ectrans modules parameters (md5,etc)
  • feature: improved sftp module (packet size configurable)
  • feature: possible to bind specific network interfaces (per plugin)
  • change: start administration site on localhost by default
  • change: start ssh plugin by default
  • feature: support for Java1.5

ECaccess-v3.0.0 (Jan 2005)

  • feature: support for the dissemination through the Gateway
  • change: replacement of the embedded database (solved cpu/memory issues)
  • feature: new ectrans modules parameters (sftp,ftp,exec)
  • change: new sftp module (more reliable SSH library used)
  • feature: enhanced monitoring through the administration site (JMX)
  • bugfix: fixed an ssh plugin cpu issue 

Deprecated leleases:

  • ECaccess-v2.2.0
  • ECaccess-v2.1.0
  • ECaccess-v2.0.3
  • ECaccess-v2.0.2
  • ECaccess-v2.0.1