The ECaccess software gives Member States (in the following "Member States" (MS) includes "Co-operating States") and other ECMWF users batch and interactive access to the ECMWF computing and archiving facilities. Access is available via the Internet.

This user guide, which is intended for all users of the ECaccess software, describes the concepts and procedures for accessing data and running jobs at ECMWF. If you are to perform the administrative task of installing and/or maintaining the ECaccess software, you should study the Administrator's Manual. For the gateway concepts and procedures see Ecaccess concepts. This guide is structured as follows:

Getting started

  • ECaccess concepts describes the ECaccess global architecture, focusing on the FTP/SFTP and Web components.
  • Security authentication gives an overview on interactive and shell script user authentication.

Running batch work at ECMWF For automating data transfers and submitting batch jobs, refer to:

ECaccess on-line For access to on-line ECMWF computing facilities, refer to:

  • The Web server describes web-based management of jobs and file transfers to and from the ECHOME (for the Atos home directory), ECSCRATCH (for the Atos scratch directory) and ECFS directories.
  • Monitoring tools describes web-based monitoring and trouble- shooting of batch jobs and file transfers.
  • The SSH server describes logging in at ECMWF via the gateway's single-sign-on SSH server component for file transfers using SFTP.