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Add Limits/Inlimits
from ecflow import Defs,Suite,Task,Limit,InLimit

defs = Defs(
        Limit("limitName4", 10),              # name, maximum token
            InLimit("limitName4","/s1/f1",2), # limit name, path to limit, tokens consumed from the Limit
            [ Task("t{}".format(t)) for t in range(1,4) ] ))

The following show alternative styles that produce the same definition.

defs = Defs()
s1 = defs.add_suite("s1") 
s1.add_limit( "limitName4", 10 )  
f1 = s1.add_family("f1")
f1.add_inlimit( "limitName4","/s1/f1",2)  
for i in range(1,4):
    f1.add_task( "t{}".format(i))
defs = Defs() + Suite("s1") 
defs.s1 += [ Limit("limitName4", 10),Family("f1") ]
defs.s1.f1 += [ InLimit("limitName4","/s1/f1",2),
                      [ Task("t{}".format(t)) 
                         for t in range(1,4) ] ]
with Defs() as defs:
   with defs.add_suite("s1") as s1:
      s1.add_limit( "limitName4", 10 ) 
      with s1.add_family("f1") as f1:
          f1.add_inlimit( "limitName4","/s1/f1",2)  
          f1 += [ Task("t{}".format(t)) 
                   for t in range(1,4) ]

In the second example above we use 'defs.s1.f1' to reference a node by name. This is useful in small designs but will produce maintenance issues in large designs IF the node names are changed.