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Use key value arguments on node creation
from ecflow import Defs,Suite,Variable,Edit

defs = Defs(Suite("s1",HELLO="world",FRED="bloggs",BILL=1,NAME="value",NAME2="value2"))
defs.s1 += Edit(NAME3="value3")

The following examples show alternative styles that produce the same definition:

Using add() with Edit
defs = Defs().add(
          Edit(HELLO="world", FRED="bloggs",BILL=1,
               NAME="value", NAME2="value2",
Using += with dictionary
 defs = Defs() + Suite("s1")
 defs.s1 += { "HELLO":"world", "NAME":"value",
              "NAME4":4,"BILL":1, "FRED":"bloggs"}  
Using Edit() on node creation and += with list
 defs = Defs() + Suite("s1", Edit(HELLO="world"))
 defs.s1 += [ Edit({ "NAME":"value","NAME2":"value2", 
                     "NAME3":"value3", "NAME4":4 }, BILL=1),

Note: that although we are using class Edit as a short cut, the objects that are added are still of type Variable.

In the example above we use 'defs.s1' to reference a node by name. This is useful in small designs but will produce maintenance issues in large designs IF the node names are changed.