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The variable ECF_MICRO can be set to change the ecFlow micro-character. This affects both the commands and the interpretation of the ecFlow files. The default value is "%".
An example showing changing the micro-character follows:

define ECF_MICRO in definition file
suite x
 edit ECF_MICRO "&"
 family f
   task t
 &include <head.h>
 echo job here
 &include <end.h>

Another way of changing the micro-character is to set it up in the ecFlow script. It only affects the script interpretation, not the commands ECF_JOB_CMD or ECF_KILL_CMD.

define ecfmicro directly in the script
%ecfmicro ^
^include <>
echo "^VAR:default^"
^ecfmicro %
echo "reverted %VAR:default%"