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In ecflow 5 support has been added to view the output of the ECF_STATUS_CMD. The status command invokes a user-supplied command, that queries the status of the job.

The status command can be invoked from the command line and GUI.

If a family or suite is selected, will invoke status command hierarchically. In the ecflow_ui, RMB->special->status.

Status uses the ECF_STATUS_CMD variable. After variable substitution, it is invoked as a command.

The command should be written in such a way that the output is written to %ECF_JOB%.stat,  and if the script determines that the job is not active, it should abort the task in ecflow. This command can be particularly useful when nodes on the supercomputer go down, and we don't know the true state of the jobs.

This will allow the output of the status command to be shown by the --file command on the command line, and automatically via the job status tab in ecflow_ui

suite s1
  edit ECF_STATUS_CMD /home/ma/emos/bin/ecfstatus  %USER% %HOST% %ECF_RID% %ECF_JOB% > %ECF_JOB%.stat 2>&1
Invoking status cmd, from the command line
ecflow_client --status=/s1/f1/t1     # ECF_STATUS_CMD should output to %ECF_JOB%.stat
ecflow_client --file=/s1/f1/t1 stat  # Return contents of %ECF_JOB%.stat file"