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This defines a variable for ecFlow job substitution in a node, equivalent to an external variable. There can be any number of variables. The variables are names inside a pair of `%'(ECF_MICRO) characters in an ecFlow script. However, remember that ecFlow is case sensitive.
The content of a variable replaces the variable name in the ecFlow script at submission time. Special characters in a definition must be placed inside single quotes if misinterpretation is to be avoided or inside double quotes variable substitution is to be carried out. Quotes are needed if defining as a list.

 edit ECF_JOB_CMD "/bin/sh %ECF_JOB% &"
 edit ECF_JOB_CMD "/usr/local/bin/qsub %ECF_JOB%"
 edit ECF_JOB_CMD "rsh %ECF_HOST% sh <%ECF_JOB% 1>%ECF_JOBOUT% 2>&1"
 edit KEEPLOGS no

Submission is done via a system(3) call which executes /bin/sh.