ecFlow's documentation is now on readthedocs!

It is possible to issue few commands from the command line or third party application to interact with the GUI ecflowview.

Just create a named pipe (fifo) file before ecflowview start.

export ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT=/tmp/ecflowview_listen
./bin/ecflowview &

It is possible then to connect-disconnect from a server, to select a node, and to open related panel window.

echo "\nselect eod /law/main" >> $ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT
echo "\nselect eod /law" >> $ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT
echo "\norder eod4:/era5eda_7 alpha" >> $ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT
echo "\nselect eod /law/main/12/euroshelf/wamrun" >> $ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT
echo "\nwindow -d -f Script" >> $ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT
echo "\nwindow -d -f Manual" >> $ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT

Among possible panel to open: Check Collector Edit History Info Job Jobstatus Manual Messages Options Output Script Suites Timeline Triggers Variables Why Zombies

It can be used also to close the application.

echo "\nlogin eod2"    >> $ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT
echo "\nlogout eod2"  >> $ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT 
echo "\nquit"  >> $ECFLOWVIEW_INPUT