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The job file is the actual file that ecFlow will submit to the system. Starting with the following ecFlow file:

 OPERATORS: Set the task complete and report next day
 %include <head.h>

 echo do some work
 sleep %SLEEPTIME%
 echo end of job
%include <end.h>

This uses the header files head.h, end.h for example as given earlier and with SLEEPTIME defined as having a value 60.
After pre-processing the job-file will include the header files and variables and exclude comments and man pages. It would look something like:

set -e          # stop the shell on first error
set -u          # fail when using an undefined variable
set -x          # echo script lines as they are executed
set -o pipefail # fail if last(rightmost) command exits with a non-zero status

# Defines the variables that are needed for any communication with ECF
export ECF_PORT=%ECF_PORT%    # The server port number
export ECF_HOST=%ECF_HOST%    # The name of ecf host that issued this task
export ECF_NAME=%ECF_NAME%    # The name of this current task
export ECF_PASS=%ECF_PASS%    # A unique password
export ECF_TRYNO=%ECF_TRYNO%  # Current try number of the task
export ECF_RID=$$             # record the process id. Also used for zombie detection
# Define the path where to find ecflow_client
# make sure client and server use the *same* version.
# Important when there are multiple versions of ecFlow
export PATH=/usr/local/apps/ecflow/%ECF_VERSION%/bin:$PATH
# Tell ecFlow we have started
ecflow_client --init=$$
# Define a error handler
   set +e                      # Clear -e flag, so we don't fail
   wait                        # wait for background process to stop
   ecflow_client --abort=trap  # Notify ecFlow that something went wrong, using 'trap' as the reason
   trap 0                      # Remove the trap
   exit 0                      # End the script
# Trap any calls to exit and errors caught by the -e flag
trap ERROR 0
# Trap any signal that may cause the script to fail
trap '{ echo "Killed by a signal"; ERROR ; }' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 13 15

 echo do some work 
 sleep 60 
 echo end of job

ecflow_client --complete
trap 0