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This is an extension of the event. In some tasks, there may be many events that are set in order, e.g. in a 10-day weather forecast, an event might be set every six hours, more than 40 events. These events are set in increasing order. By creating a meter that can have values, in this case from 0 to 240, will help to have more valid information on the display.
In a suite definition file, one would have{

task forecast
 meter step 0 240 240

meter name min max [colour-change]

The meter can be used in triggers in the same way as the events, except that the meter will have a value, e.g.

task plot5days
 trigger fc/model:step eq 120 # 5 days done

The numeric value used in the triggering means that there is an ambiguity if you have a node with the same name, let's say task "120".