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Currently, we have several types of repeats. In particular, we have a repeat date.

repeat date YMD 20090331 20121212 1  # <start> <end> <increment> 

This allows loop over a set of dates using start/end and an increment in days.

Additionally, this repeat can take part in a trigger, where the sub-expression can use date arithmetic:

trigger /suite/family:YMD + 1 > 20100101 # Here the sub expression ( /suite/family:YMD + 1) will use date arithmetic

However, there can be occasions where we want an arbitrary list of dates. Currently  the only way to implement this is with repeat enumerated.

repeat enumerated VARIABLE 20130101 20130102 20130103  

However this repeat can be any list of integers or even strings, and thus the trigger expressions do NOT use date arithmetic.

A new repeat. datelist has been added to address this.

repeat datelist YMD 20130101 20130102 20130103 20200101 20190101

In python:

task.add_repeat(RepeatDateList("YMD",[20130101, 20130102, 20130103, 20200101, 20190101 ]))

A repeat datelist is a list of arbitrary dates, using YYYYMMDD format. It will use the same date arithmetic as a repeat date, in trigger expressions.