ecFlow's documentation is now on readthedocs!

An ecFlow server is started by one user account and all tasks are submitted by this user account by default. The advantage of this open way of working is that anyone can support your suite, which can of course be the disadvantage. Tasks (or suites) can be run using other user IDs as allowed by standard UNIX permission.

At ECMWF we run ecFlow in a relatively open way. We have decided to limit the number of accounts/users running ecFlow to simplify cooperation and file permission problems. Most research ecFlow servers run under one research account allowing greater cooperation. However, for operations, we want to limit full access to a handful of trusted users, whilst giving others the ability to monitor the operational suites. We use the ecFlow white list file to limit access in operations.

For additional security you may choose, to have blacklist files. i.e. password-based authentication.