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Once you have the server running you can define a suite to run on it. The suite is described by a suite definition file. This is covered more completely in later sections.
A suite definition in text format will have a structure similar to the following:

# Definition of the suite test 
suite test 
   edit ECF_HOME /tmp/COURSEDIR 
   task t1 
  1. The first line is a comment line. Any characters between the # and the end of the line are ignored.
  2. Defines a new suite by the name of test. 
  3. Defines the ecFlow variable ECF_HOME. This variable defines the directory where all the UNIX files that will be used by the suite test will reside.
  4. Defines a task named t1.
  5. The last line finishes the definition of the suite test

Defining suites using the Python API is discussed later in this manual.