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Command names in this text are written in this fashion, and corresponding sections in the manual pages are shown within parentheses. UNIX manual page sections are numbered from one to eight; for example, the UNIX C shell is shown as ksh(1) which indicates it is in the first section of the UNIX manual pages. load (CLI) indicates the command load is a CLI command(i.e. implemented by the ecflow_client executable) 

Through the rest of this document, 'ECF' will be used interchangeably with ecFlow. Any references to the server, client or GUI, refer to ecFlow server, client and GUI
A concept is a name used in this document to describe an idea. A variable is used a lot throughout this document. A node represents a task, family, suite, or equivalent when it does not matter which we are talking about.
Extracts from script or definition files look like this # This is in a file and this is important in this file some other lines
Colours are also used to highlight the status of a node, so if node /x/y/z is active, it would look like /x/y/z.