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Please take a note of ECFLOW-1436, as the way certain relative triggers are interpreted has changed.

ecflow 4.11.0 or less, these are now errors in 4.12.0
family f1
   task t1
       trigger f1 == aborted
   task t2
       trigger ./f1 == aborted
corrected triggers in ecflow 4.12.0
family f1
   task t1
        trigger ../f1 == aborted
   task t2
        trigger ../f1 == aborted

You can detect these triggers in ecflow 4.12.0. If you have generated your suite definitions in python, then you can use:

module load ecflow/4.12.0  # the 4.12.0 release has the new check

Check Triggers
# build your suite definitions
def = ...
print defs.check()  # this will check the trigger expressions

Alternatively you can use:

Check triggers on the comand line
ecflow_client --get > tmp.def
module swap ecflow/4.12.0
ecflow_client --load tmp.def check_only

If you have already converted to using ecflow 4.12.0 server, you can check your trigger expressions using:

Check triggers in ecflow 4.12.0 server
module load ecflow/4.12.0
ecflow_client --check=_all_


  • [ECFLOW-1148] - ecFlowUI: random crash when variables panel is visible and clicking on another node
  • [ECFLOW-1318] - ecFlowUI: multiple selection in treeview is clipped to viewport
  • [ECFLOW-1375] - server: %includeonce misspelled as %includeoncde behaves like %include
  • [ECFLOW-1376] - server: Incorrectly spelled preprocessing directives (e.g. %fred) are not treated as error
  • [ECFLOW-1379] - ecFlowUI: some dates from log appear in local time instead of UTC
  • [ECFLOW-1400] - ecFlowUI: zoom results in wrong period in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1413] - ecFlowUI: adjust initial width of duration columns in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1414] - ecFlowUi: ECFLOW Variables with values starting with '--' cannot be set through ecflowUI
  • [ECFLOW-1418] - ecFlowUI: timeline view shows incorrect contents when switching between servers
  • [ECFLOW-1419] - ecFlowUI: disabled suite filter is not correctly applied to timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1420] - ecFlowUI: zoom in timeline view selects wrong period
  • [ECFLOW-1423] - ecFlowUI: header labels missing in duration view in timeline
  • [ECFLOW-1424] - ecFlowUI: duration view column contents are overlapping in timeline
  • [ECFLOW-1428] - ecFlowUI: duration view in timeline does not get updated on refresh
  • [ECFLOW-1432] - ecFlowUI: crash when running url command for a server node
  • [ECFLOW-1433] - server: replace firefox --remote openURL with firefox -new-tab
  • [ECFLOW-1435] - ecFlowUI: crash on startup in tree node model
  • [ECFLOW-1438] - ecFlowUI: zoom stretching to the right border does not work in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1439] - ecFlowUI: compilation fails with Qt4

New Feature

  • [ECFLOW-1360] - ecFlowUI: add option to create Jira Service Desk tickets for selected nodes
  • [ECFLOW-1371] - ecFlowUI: give textual indication in node views when job failed on submission
  • [ECFLOW-1391] - ecFlowUI: timeline view should react to broadcast selection from other views
  • [ECFLOW-1392] - ecFlowUI: add control buttons for zoom and unzoom in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1395] - ecFlowUI: highlight current period in timeline detailed view
  • [ECFLOW-1399] - ecFlowUI: add option to show only nodes with a state change in the given period in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1401] - ecFlowUI: add option to show duration of submitted and active state in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1405] - ecFlowUI: add option to interrupt log file transfer in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1406] - ecFlowUI: add summary to timeline detailed view
  • [ECFLOW-1409] - ecFlowUI: format duration values in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1415] - ecFlowUI: allow sorting duration columns in timeline view


  • [ECFLOW-1362] - ecFlowUI: write diagnostics to compare node status in views and ecflow_client
  • [ECFLOW-1373] - server: allow the ECF_FILES location lookup to be done in reserved order
  • [ECFLOW-1380] - ecFlowUI: implement sorting in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1381] - ecFlowUI: only show filtered suites in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1383] - ecFlowUI: indicate when timeline data is loaded
  • [ECFLOW-1384] - ecFlowUI: fetch remote logfiles over the network for timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1386] - ecFlowUI: improve logfile parsing speed for timeline data
  • [ECFLOW-1394] - ecFlowUI: tone down the visual appearance of complete status in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1411] - ecFlowUI: add daily cycle view to timeline info


  • [ECFLOW-1374] - server: script file location reported to the user can be wrong
  • [ECFLOW-1385] - ecFlowUI: variables are not substituted on the right node level
  • [ECFLOW-1387] - ecFlowUI: improve visual appearance of progress bars and message labels
  • [ECFLOW-1389] - ecFlowUI: improve alignment of node path text in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1390] - ecFlowUI: allow wildcard filter for node path in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1397] - ecFlowUI: remember settings after reload in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1398] - ecFlowUI: clean filter when switching server in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1402] - ecFlowUI: improve representation of short state durations in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1410] - test: test_signal_SIGTERM is not always reliable
  • [ECFLOW-1412] - python: build python2 and python3 ecflow modules
  • [ECFLOW-1416] - ecFlowUI: timeline path filter should only be run when enter is hit for large log datasets
  • [ECFLOW-1422] - ecFlowUI: change filter should be reapplied to nodes when switching between timeline view modes
  • [ECFLOW-1425] - server: always enable auto flush of log file
  • [ECFLOW-1434] - ecFlowUI: timeline task stats do not show correct maximum
  • [ECFLOW-1436] - client:: trigger on parent accepted without ..

See also the release notes for ecFlowUI.