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  • [ECFLOW-1488] - ecFlowUI: extra forward slash in event names in trigger view
  • [ECFLOW-1496] - ecflow_ui: Timeline view showing incorrect timings
  • [ECFLOW-1497] - ecFlowUI: year is always shown as 2018 in timeline from and start time widgets
  • [ECFLOW-1498] - ecFlowUI: crash when deleting modified generated server variable
  • [ECFLOW-1500] - ecFlow crash after deleting Jira label from GUI
  • [ECFLOW-1501] - client: --suites formatting get messed up when suite name greater than 20 chars
  • [ECFLOW-1507] - ecFlowUI: daily view shows data beyond period end in timeline view

New Feature

  • [ECFLOW-1494] - ecFlowUI: add an option for rerun aborted for families
  • [ECFLOW-1499] - ecFlowUI: enable timeline view to load user specified log files
  • [ECFLOW-1506] - ecFlowUI: add option to control maximum size of logfile data used for timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1508] - ecFlowUI: add zoom to daily view of node info in timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1515] - ecFlowUi: add option to user regexp match for timeline path filter


  • [ECFLOW-1486] - Implement a way of specifying the userid to be used for ssh commands (other than the current id)
  • [ECFLOW-1502] - ecFlowUI: add option to show only the children of selected node in timeline
  • [ECFLOW-1509] - server: hide children - show children leading to content loss during plug
  • [ECFLOW-1512] - server: improve resolution of status change time
  • [ECFLOW-1518] - ecFlowUI: add tooltip explanation to the triggered by view in the trigger panel

See also the release notes for ecFlowUI.