ecFlow's documentation is now on readthedocs!


  • [ECFLOW-1593] - ecFlowUI: display autorestore, autoarchive, queue attributes in info panel and tree view
  • [ECFLOW-1614] - ecFlowUI: clock in statusbar is always visible on startup


  • [ECFLOW-1595] - ecFlowUI: add support for queue attributes
  • [ECFLOW-1606] - server: plug whilst server is HALTED, restarts server after plug.
  • [ECFLOW-1607] - ecFlowUI: add support for autorestore attributes
  • [ECFLOW-1608] - ecFlowUI: show auto(restore,cancel.archive) attributes in tree view
  • [ECFLOW-1609] - ecFlowUI: add support for autoarchive attributes
  • [ECFLOW-1610] - server: allow edit history on nodes to be cleared
  • [ECFLOW-1611] - ecFlowUI: add support for autocancel attributes
  • [ECFLOW-1612] - ecflow5 stops on node replace, if replaced node has time attributes