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  • [ECFLOW-130] - server:Job requeue after midnight instead of complete
  • [ECFLOW-1644] - GUI/edit/pre-process unterminated %comment or %manual not detected as errors
  • [ECFLOW-1647] - ecFlowUI: data and time icon show incorrect holding status in tree
  • [ECFLOW-1648] - test: relative today +00.01 00:07 00:03 test randomly fails
  • [ECFLOW-1653] - ecflow_ui: crash when using edit server dialog, and 'use ssl' selected
  • [ECFLOW-1655] - ecFlowUI: close icon is not visible on panels
  • [ECFLOW-1656] - server:Day attribute not working after migration from ecflow 4->5

New Feature

  • [ECFLOW-1641] - ecFlowUI: display number of matching lines for text filter in output log panel


  • [ECFLOW-1645] - Doc: remove flag migrated, no longer used in ecflow5


  • [ECFLOW-1573] - server: allow child commands like, init,complete to add/delete variables
  • [ECFLOW-1640] - ecFlowUI: add option to show only icons on info panel tab titles
  • [ECFLOW-1642] - Exclude nodes from sort_attributes
  • [ECFLOW-1646] - ecFlowUI: add option to prevent shell command output window from popping up automatically
  • [ECFLOW-1652] - server: when sorting nodes alphabetically, cater for nodes names with integer values
  • [ECFLOW-1654] - ecFlowUI: make context menu in node and server log view work for multiple selection
  • [ECFLOW-1659] - ecFlowUI: use migrate style to display more details about date and time attributes
  • [ECFLOW-1660] - server: add support for alter to change time/today