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  • [ECFLOW-1661] - ecflowui: clicking show_full_period in server load tab causes a crash
  • [ECFLOW-1667] - ecFlowUi: client handles build up in the server, after suite filter usage
  • [ECFLOW-1672] - ecflowui: uncaught exception during logout leads to crash
  • [ECFLOW-1673] - ecflow_ui: strange error reported on startup
  • [ECFLOW-1674] - ecflow_ui: disabling suite filters does not remove existing handle



  • [ECFLOW-1560] - installation: add ecflow to GITHUB
  • [ECFLOW-1670] - client: add more context to sync error, when exiting ecflow_ui
  • [ECFLOW-1679] - server:Allow edit history to be pruned, when loading the checkpoint file
  • [ECFLOW-1680] - server: reduce use of boost::bind and replace with lambda
  • [ECFLOW-1682] - installation: allow ecflow to be built with boost 1.66