ecFlow's documentation is now on readthedocs!

ecflowview has been replaced by the new GUI ecflow_ui - see ecFlowUI

ecflowview is the GUI based client. It is an XWindow/Motif based application that displays graphically the status of the tasks controlled by a supervisor. ecflowview displays the hierarchy suite/family/task in a tree fashion, using colour coding to reflect the status of each node. Every attribute can be shown in the tree window.
The application is started by typing "ecflowview" at a UNIX prompt. Once the program is running you can select the required server from the Servers menu. You should get a display similar to the following:
Figure 10 1 ecflowview window

The boxes represent nodes. ecflowview uses the three buttons of the mouse to perform different actions. The following figure show how the mouse buttons are used in ecflowview:
Figure 10 2 Mouse usage in ecflowview