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This allows an external node to be used in a trigger expression. All nodes in triggers must be known to ecFlow by the end of the load command. No cross-suite dependencies are allowed unless the names of tasks outside the suite are declared as external.

An external trigger reference is considered unknown if it is not defined when the trigger is evaluated.

You are strongly advised to avoid cross-suite dependencies. Families and suites that depend on one another should be placed in a single suite. If you think you need cross-suite dependencies, you should consider merging the suites together and have each as a top-level family in the merged suite.

To run the task /b/f/t when suite 'a' is not present, use the following trigger, e.g.

 extern /a/f/t
 suite b
 family f
   task t
     trigger /a/f/t == complete or /a/f/t == unknown