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This keyword defines a new task inside a family or suite. The only parameter that this keyword takes is the name of the new task to be defined. This keyword acts as an implicit endtask for the previous task.
Only tasks can be submitted. A job inside a task script should generally be re-entrant so that no harm is done by rerunning it, since a task may be automatically submitted more than once if it aborts.
The ability to restart is important. The idea of using ecFlow is to divide a real problem into small manageable parts each handled by a separate task or family. On occasion, especially when events are used, a task should be able to start from the point at which a previous job finished. Events should be sent only once, although there is no harm in sending them more than once. A typical example of a large real problem is a weather forecast which may take several hours to run, check-pointing itself from time to time. If the forecast fails and is restarted, it can determine how far it had already progressed and continued from where it left off.