mcoast (macro/python)  pcoast (fortran)

Magics will project coastlines and latitude/longitude grid lines onto requested areas, as defined by the user.

The coastline data used by Magics is the dataset maintained by Natural Earth. This data allow the user to display political boundaries, rivers and capitals. The plotting of coastlines, boundaries, rivers, cities and and grid lines is achieved by calling the action routine pcoast.
Parameters exist in Magics to enable users to control the plotting of coastlines. These parameters should be set before pcoast is called. Users can control the line style, colour, shading, resolution etc of coastlines as well as the number, colour and quality of grid lines. Users also have control over the plotting of grid line labels.
Magics default values for coastline, grids and labels ensure that users always achieve a reasonable plot. However, if these default values are not suitable, users can set any or all of the parameters to their own chosen values.

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New in 2.35.0

Frame around Robinson or Mollweide projection

A set of parameters have been added to enable users to add a frame around the Robinson or Mollweide projections. To set projections see Coastlines

mcoast(map_grid_frame = "on",
  map_grid_frame_line_style = "solid",
  map_grid_frame_thickness = 2,
  map_grid_frame_colour = "charcoal"