A list of Jupyter example and tutorial notebooks hosted on github.

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Intro to automatic shading
Introduction to Text plotting
Intro to contouring
Intro to shading
Legend customization
Intro to Symbols plotting

Advanced Symbols plotting

Introduction to wind plotting
Customise coastlines tutorial
Setting the geographical view
A complex layout


Polar stereographic
Cylindrical projection
Lambert projection
Mollweide projection
Boundaries and rivers
High resolution coastline
Sea, lakes and rivers
Boundaries, cities and rivers

Grid points

Rainbow lines 1

Rainbow lines 2
Simple shading
Colour list
Level and colour list
Gradients method 1
Gradients method 2
Cell shading
Grid shading
ECMWF style
Predefined style
Predefined palette
Simple symbol
Symbol with text
Pictogram symbol
Weather symbols
Total clouds amount
Cloud type symbol
Advanced symbol
Wind arrows
Coloured wind arrows
Wind flags  
Coloured wind flags
Temperature and arrows  
Temperature and flags  
Wind flags and vorticity  
Wind and GH