Magics Version 4.12.0 

      Have a look at the notebook  or  try it on binder : Binder

  • EPSG:3035 projection

map = magics.mmap(
  subpage_map_projection = 'EPSG:3035',

  • Automatic adjustment of the projection according to the data extend

area = magics.mmap( subpage_map_projection = 'EPSG:3035',
                   subpage_map_area_definition = "data") 

      • Automatic selection of the best suited projection according to the data extend

map = magics.mmap(
  subpage_map_projection = 'automatic',

  • Introduction of a new way to work with palette of colour lists.

contour = magics.mcont(
        legend                       = 'on',
        contour                      = 'off',
        contour_shade                = 'on',
        contour_label                = 'off',
        contour_level_selection_type = "count",
        contour_level_count =  30,
        contour_interval             = contour_interval,
        contour_level_tolerance      = 0,
        contour_shade_method         = 'area_fill',
        contour_shade_palette_name   = "colorbrewer_RdBl",
        contour_shade_colour_list_policy = "dynamic",
        contour_shade_colour_reverse_list = contour_shade_colour_reverse_list,
        contour_shade_colour_method  = "palette")

  • Thinning of the wind when using NetCDF data.

Magics Version 4.11.0 

  • User defined coastlines: Magics has the possibility for users to use their own set of shapefiles as coastlines. In this version, we added a parameter map_user_layer_land_colour(Default:NONE). If given a colour , the user coastlines will be filled.

  • Observations plotting using template(Small issues fixed): Magics allows users to define a XML template to display observations-like information.
    The template describes how to position the information.  Users is able to pass a json object as observation, and Magics will use the template to position the different items of the observation.

  • LineString in GeoJSon: Magics is now supporting the feature Linestring from the GeoJSON format.

  • Fortran interface : A bug fix when calling popen/pclose several times. 

Magics Version 4.10.0 

  • The list of predefined geographical areas has been aligned with the list of geographical areas offered in the opencharts catalogue. To use them :

from Magics import macro as magics
area = magics.mmap(subpage_map_area_name=area_name, subpage_map_library_area='on') # where area_name specifies the predefined area to select.
magics.plot(area, magics.mcoast() )

  • Improve positioning of axis labels in cartesian view.

  • Improvement to symbol plotting with NetCDF data 

  • Fix issues with multiple calls to the python plot method.

Magics Version 4.9.3  

  • extra fix for the Fortran bindings

Magics Version 4.9.1  

  • re-enabled the Fortran bindings, which had been missing since version 4.8.0.

Magics Version 4.9.0  

  • A first implementation of automatic styling for wind is ready to test: as for the automatic contour styling magics will try try to interpret the metadata and apply a predefined style. Please report any issue and do not hesitate to send feedback. 
    • 1 new magics parameter is available wind_automatic_setting if set to ecmwf, magics will try to find a predefined style. 
  •  Geopoints items with missing values are now ignored. 
  •  Scaling for parameter mudlp has been added

Magics Version 4.8.0  

  • fix in the grid_shading method where the maximum value was sometimes unshaded
  • new global font scaling options for PNG and PDF output
  • Improved support for wind plotting on tiling mode ( SkinnyWMS) 

  • Improved support for title creation in Metview
  • Improved automatic styling 
  • Major refactoring of the code

Magics Version 4.6.0  

  • Support has been added for NetcDF data coded with int64
  • Compilation support proj8
  • Improved automatic styling and scaling
  • Metview support: Few fixes in the overlay rules.

Magics Version 4.5.3  

  • Improvements have been done on the tilted perspective (tpers) projection allowing now to create nice animations. 

  • Memory leaks have been found and fixed. 

Magics Version 4.5.1   

  • contour_interpolation_ceiling fixed for rotated grids

  • small fixes with setting of netCDF dimesions.

Magics Version 4.5.0   

  • a major code clean-up has reduced the number of dependencies. The Boost library and Python are not required to install Magics anymore.
  • fix issue with logging that was degrading observation plotting speed when used from Python
  • fix issue in python when passing single element array.

Magics Version 4.4.0  

  • Magics is now using a new feature of eCodes to display data coded  in various projections:
    • polar stereographic 
    • Lambert conformal 
    • Mercator
  • Improvement in the position of the title for the vertical axis
  • Bug Fix  in the labelling of the legend  MAGP-1238 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Magics Version 4.3.3   

Hotfix release with improvements for external users which have to install Magics

  • [MAGP-1227] - FIX for "Improve cmake tests for proj library and fail for old versions"

Magics Version 4.3.2   

Hotfix release with improvements for external users which have to install Magics

  • [MAGP-1227] - Improve cmake tests for proj library and fail for old versions
  • [MAGP-1232] - Reduce size of release tarball
  • [MAGP-1233] - FIXED: Disabling NetCDF breaks Magics build

Magics Version 4.3.1   

  • This is a hotfix version with a fix for a crash in Metview's interactive plot window
  • This version is only required if you are building Metview with it

Magics Version 4.3.0   

Please note: Magics is now using Proj (version 6.1 or newer) to handle reprojections (was using Proj4 before) 

  • Moved to new Proj API  SUP-2809 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Improving plotting of OrcaGrids ( NetCDF)
  • Improving layout of the automatic legend : Adding a margin option
  • Adding format option of the grib_info key dataDate <grib_info key='dataDate' format='%d/%m%Y'/>