The Skinny WMS is a small WMS server that will help you to visualise your NetCDF and Grib Data. The principle is simple: skinny will browse the directory, or the single file passed as argument, and try to inpterpret each NetCDF or GRIB files.

From the metadata, it will be build the getCapabilities document, and find a relevant styles to plot the data.


SkinnyWMS implements 3 of the WMS endpoints:

  • getCapabilities: Discover the data, build an XML Document presenting each identified parameter in the file(s) as a layer with the list of their predefined styles. (There is always a default style)

  • getMap : Return the selected layer suing the selected style.

  • getLegendGraphic: Return the legend.


There are 2 ways to start using it, both of them will start a small Flask server. Once running, a small leaflet client is accessible []

  • The demo:

$ python --path /path/to/mydata 
  • The command line:

$ skinny-wms --path /path/to/mydata

Run using Docker

docker run --rm -p 5000:5000 -i -t ecmwf/skinnywms

Now you can try the leaflet demo at http://localhost:5000/

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SkinnyWMS depends on the ECMWF Magics library.

There are several to install skinnywms:

$ pip install skinnywms
  • using conda

$ conda config --add channels conda-forge
$ conda install -c conda-forge


  • SkinnyWMS will perform better on well formatted and documented NetCDF and GRIB.

  • development stage: Alpha,