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CodesUI is a standalone interactive application built on ecCodes and Qt5/Qt6 to inspect:

With CodesUI it is possible to:

  • inspect the overall structure of GRIB and BUFR files
  • examine the data and metadata of the individual messages

For BUFR data these additional features are also available:

  • filtering BUFR messages
  • extracting tabular data from BUFR messages
  • plotting BUFR observation locations on an interactive map

Please note that although CodesUI has some basic plotting capabilities it is not a visualisation system.

You can install CodesUI from conda with:

conda install codes-ui -c conda-forge

Alternatively, you can build it from source (see instructions here).

CodesUI shares its codebase with the GRIB and BUFR examiners of the Metview meteorological workstation system.
It was packaged as a standalone software application with the minimum possible dependencies requiring only ecCodes and Qt5/Qt6 for installation.


  1. Where is the source code, Sandor?

    1. Do you need the git repo?

        1. There is no separate repository but it is fully part of metview (almost identical to the grib and bufr examiners in metview). We use a separate makefile to build it and create the tarball for a standalone build. See src/codes_ui in the metview repo.