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This icon retrieves files from ECFS - European Centre File Store. Note that this application fetches the data into the Metview cache. The file is not saved (i.e. it will be removed when you quit Metview), unless you apply the Save result action in the icon menu.

Only used at ECMWF

This icon is only available and intended to be used at ECMWF.

From Macro/Python the icon can be called as ecfs().

The ECFS Editor

Ecfs Domain

Specifies the ECFS domain. By default this is ec: and so far it is the only valid input.

File Name

Specifies the name of the file to be retrieved from ECFS. The name specified must not include the ec: prefix, but should include the ECFS path, e.g. /uid/dir1/.../filename. If the file resides in the root ECFS directory, you can only specify the file name.

Detailed information on ECFS can be obtained from the UNIX prompt. Given that ECFS commands mimic corresponding UNIX commands, you will obtain a man page for ECFS commands by entering :

 man ecfs