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For an overview, please see Geopointset.

geopointset ( geopointset  op geopointset )

Operation between two geopointsets. op is one of the following :

+ Addition

- Subtraction

* Multiplication

/ Division

^ Power

The geopoints in the geopointsets returned by these boolean operators contain boolean values (containing only 1 where result is true, 0 where it is false) :

> Larger Than

< Smaller Than

>= Larger or Equal

<= Smaller or Equal

= Equal

<> Not Equal

geopointset ( geopointset  op number )
geopointset ( number op geopointset )

Operations between geopointsets and numbers. op is any of the operations defined above. See Geopointset for details of how the operations are performed 

geopointset ( geopointset  op fieldset )
geopointset ( fieldset op geopointset )

Operations between geopointsets and fieldsets. op is any of the operations defined above. See Geopointset for details of how the operations are performed.

geopointset ( geopointset  and geopointset )
geopointset ( geopointset  or geopointset )
geopointset ( not geopointset)

Conjunction, Disjunction and Negation. See Geopointset for details of how the operations are performed.

geopointset ( geopointset & geopointset & ... )
geopointset ( nil & geopointset & ... )
geopointset ( geopointset & nil )
geopointset ( geopointset & geopoints )
geopointset  merge ( geopointset,geopointset,... )

Merge several geopointsets. The output is the concatenation of each geopointset. Merging with the value nil does nothing, and can be used to initialise when building a geopointset in a loop. A geopoints variable can also be merged into a geopointset.

geopoints geopointset[ number ]

Returns the geopoints variable with the given index (first index is 1 in Macro, but 0 in Python).

geopointset abs ( geopointset )
geopointset asin ( geopointset )
geopointset acos ( geopointset )
geopointset atan ( geopointset )
geopointset cos ( geopointset )
geopointset exp ( geopointset )
geopointset int ( geopointset )
number intbits ( geopointset,number )
number intbits ( geopointset,number,number )
geopointset  log ( geopointset )
geopointset log10 ( geopointset )
geopointset neg ( geopointset )
geopointset sgn ( geopointset )
geopointset sin ( geopointset )
geopointset sqrt ( geopointset )
geopointset tan ( geopointset )

Performs the given function on each component geopoints variable of the geopointset.

number count ( geopointset )

Returns the number of geopoints variables in the given geopointset.

geopoints create_geo_set ( )

Creates a new empty geopointset variable.

geopointset filter ( geopointset, definition)

From the given geopointset, this function extracts the set of geopoints variables whose metadata matches that given in the definition. See Geopoints for a description of how metadata is set and stored.
As an example:

gfilt = filter(gptset, (level:500, step:[6, 12, 18]))

This will return a geopointset containing the geopoints variables whose metadata contains the key 'level' with a value of 500, AND the key 'step' with a value of 6 OR 12 OR 18.
If the filter definition is empty, the original geopointset is returned. If it is non-empty and no geopoints matches its conditions, the filter function will return nil.